Our Infrastructure

We've sourced the best from around the world and from South Africa, to make our hosting superb.

Red Hippo InfrastructureOur infrastructure is in a word, superb. When you join Red Hippo, you become part of our family. Your websites and email are hosted in purpose-built data centres that are optimised in every respect for maximum security and efficiency, utilising the latest technologies to prevent data loss and downtime even in the most extreme circumstances.


The 10Gb/s network is based on Cisco architecture with no single point of failure throughout and has direct access to LINX as well as several other major internet exchanges. We also operate our own network, with multiple points of presence across the globe to ensure we have vast reserves of bandwidth even when operating at full capacity.


Physical and virtual security are taken very seriously. Our data centres have security teams on site 24x7 and are closely monitored using both internal and external CCTV. Data centre access is restricted to a very select number of named staff who are required to have appropriate security clearance and secure fobs to gain access.

All data is safeguarded behind a multi-layered firewall, backed up regularly and stored offsite.

Energy Efficiency

We’re proud that our data centres are rated A for energy efficiency. Our fully climate-controlled environments provide highly effective cooling for servers whilst reducing environmental impact and cost.

Temperature and humidity monitored are 24x7 and kept consistent using N+1 Stultz DX Cybercool air conditioning systems to ensure a fully managed optimised environment. Drip sensors monitor for any leaks in the system, and cold air is forced underneath raised flooring into the bottom of each server rack and vacuumed out of the top to optimise cooling efficiency. The position of each server rack is calculated by a dedicated deployment team for maximum cooling efficiency.

Disaster Prevention

We’ve installed advanced systems and developed thorough procedures in order to be fully prepared for any situation.

All our hardware is completely protected from fire, floods and any other potential disasters. Our fire prevention system is connected to the emergency services and utilises a VESDA smoke detection system. In the unlikely event of fire, the data centre is sealed and the FM200 Fire Suppression System fills it with gas to quickly extinguish the fire without damage to any equipment.

Uninteruptable Power

Each server rack has two independent power feeds, fed from two diverse connections to the national grid. Should one or both of these feeds fail, 4 x 300kVA Riello UPS (N+1) battery backup systems cover immediate power requirements. If mains power is not restored within ten seconds, 3 x N+1 diesel powered generators start providing full continuous power to the data centre.

Bespoke Systems

Custom built platforms, and fine tuned hardware and software to make your experience with Red Hippo smooth and a pleasure compared to other web hosts. This also enables us to roll out updates quickly with new features made available to our customers faster than other web hosts.

Key Features Include:

  • Custom control panels based on customer feedback
  • Automated setups and provisioning
  • A geographically dispersed DNS system
  • High quality hardware and network equipment
  • Fully redundant webservers and storage with no single point of failure
  • Tightly integrated support systems.

Built on Cisco, Juniper & Dell

Red Hippo Hosting's network operates on industry-leading network equipment from Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks for optimum performance and reliability across the board. We automatically scan for attempted DDoS attacks on our networks, and greatly ameliorate the impact of any attack immediately.dell-logo

We only use high-spec Dell servers in our data centres, so no matter whether you opt for shared web hosting or a dedicated server, you can rest assured that your website is running on fast, high quality hardware from one of the world’s leading manufacturers.