Automated Managed WordPress Backups with CloudGuard

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Let me tell you about a service that will do all the heavy lifting when it comes to your WordPress website. Chief of which is automatic managed WordPress backups, updates and a whole lot more.

Running a website can be hard work. There’s quality content to be created and added, social media integration and posting to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ etc.. Queries from website visitors need to be addressed timeously and if your site has a few visitors there can be lots of queries to attend to.

If your site has an online shop it gets nearly impossible with orders, stock updates, adding new products etc. What I haven’t yet mentioned is the back-end maintenance to keep your website running smoothly. The maintenance includes security updates, WordPress updates, plugin updates, theme updates, security scans etc..

Managed WordPress Backups & Maintenance

If this all seems a bit much, you need some help, and that’s where CloudGuard comes in. CloudGuard is an automated managed WordPress backup and maintenance tool to help manage your WordPress website.

CloudGuard Features

1. Daily, Weekly or Monthly Backups

We automatically backup your WordPress website for you. This includes all the WordPress website files and the database. Managed WordPress backups ensure your website is protected should disaster strike.

2. 1-Click Restore of Website

Should your website ever get hacked or your files corrupted or some other disaster, we can 1-click restore your website from these managed WordPress backups.

3. Last 30 Backups Kept

We keep the last 30 backups and can restore your website from any of those 30 backups. (the weekly and monthly plans are the last 6 months).

4. Backups Archives for 6 Months

We keep these backups archived for 6 months, allowing more flexibility and choice should website restores be required. And what’s more, we keep multiple copies of your backups for extra peace of mind.

5. Monitoring

We monitor your website daily to make sure everything is running smoothly.

6. WordPress Core Updates

We upgrade your WordPress core to make sure it’s always running at the very latest version with the latest patches and security updates.

7. Plugin Updates

We update your plugins to make sure they are always as secure as possible with the latest patches and security updates.

8. Theme Updates*

Similar to plugin and WordPress, we update your themes to make sure they are always running the latest version to improve security and have the latest features available.

9. Security & Blacklist Scans

We scan your website to make sure it’s not blacklisted. We also do security scans to make sure it’s safe and secure.

10. Full Reports Emailed to You

We email you a monthly report listing all actions performed on your website during the past month.

11. Works with any Web Host

Is your website not hosted with Red Hippo? No problem, CloudGuard works with almost any web hosting company.

CloudGuard managed WordPress backups allows you to focus on your website while we do the maintenance. It’s an awesome productivity tool for WordPress websites.

For more info view CloudGuard Managed WordPress backups.

*If we did not build your website we’ll evaluate your theme to make sure it was implemented in the correct way, to ensure we can correctly do the updates without breaking your site.

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