Dot Cities Domains (.joburg .durban .capetown) Are Live!

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We’re extremely excited to announce Dot Cities domains are now live!

The long awaited .joburg .durban and .capetown South African city domain names are now ready to order. Use our domain name registration tool to check for your domain name.

ICANN are in the process of releasing hundreds of new domain names. The South African Dot Cities domain names are the most exciting will prove to be the most exciting development in the ZA space to date.

Dot Cities Will Identify Your Business

If your business is associated with a particular city e.g. Cape Town, this means an instant association. Let’s say your business is a guest house in Cape Town. The connection in visitors minds will be instant and indelible. Visitors to your Dot Cities website will know exactly where you are and what you do.

It’s an exciting time for business. New opportunities have been opened with these awesome new Dot Cities domains.

As I’ve written about many times before, the .com .net, and other name spaces are oversold. Short concise names are no longer available. All the good names have been taken a long time ago. No more of that, jump in now and register your brand spankng new Dot Cities domain name and claim your digital real estate.

How To Find A Good Domain Name

The best domain names are short and memorable. For help, read my How To Choose A Good Domain Name article.

Once you have your perfect domain name you can get your website and email accounts setup and ready in a matter of minutes. Red Hippo hosting accounts are feature packed and all come with unlimited bandwidth. Add to that our easy to use but power control panel and you have everything to make your website a success.

Looking For A New Domain?

Search for the perfect domain name using our Domain Name Registration tool.

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