Easily Manage Social Media with Hootsuite

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If like me you have more than one social media account for your business, you’ve no doubt found managing it can be a real chore. And by managing I mean posting to each account. Red Hippo e.g. has four social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin.

What about other profiles you may have, let’s say you have a second business. What if you managed profiles for clients? Those four soon become 20, 30, 40 or more. It becomes almost impossible to manage social media effectively.

Effective social media management is more than just posting updates and tweets. What about responding to mentions, questions and keeping up to date with your followers? I used to battle with this impossible task until I discovered Hootsuite.

How I Managed Social Media Before Hootsuite

Login to Facebook, prepare and post my content. Login to Twitter, prepare and post my content. Login to Google+, prepare and post my content. Login to each social media profile to check updates, private messages, questions from potential clients and visitors. This led to missed communication, wasted time and frustration. Bear in mind this was not only for Red Hippo’s four profiles, it’s for the other business, and client businesses.

How I Manage Social Media with Hootsuite

I use Chrome as my browser and have installed the Hootsuite Hootlet extension to Chrome. I now login to my Hootsuite dashboard and manage all my social accounts in once place.

Hootsuite Dashboard

The Hootsuite dasbboard is extremely powerful with lots of features. It’s customisable from top to bottom allowing you to set-up the everything to work the way you want it to. You can setup things to do monitor just about anything you may need.

Two of my Favourite Hootsuite Features are writing a single post and sending it to all your social media profiles at once. This includes sending images and links. And you can schedule it too. Scheduling allows you to choose a time to send or let Hootsuite schedule it for you at the time Hootsuite determines your post will receive maximum exposure.

Post to Multiple Social Media Profiles

Second is Bulk Message Uploads. Let’s say you want to send out a whole series of messages about a new product. Simply create a spreadsheet with the messages you want, set the dates and times for each message and upload them to Hootsuite. So if you wanted to post a series of updates, let’s say fifty messages to all your social media profiles at different times over a month, you do this with one file.

Bulk Message Uploads and Scheduling with Hootsuite

Imagine the difference in workflow now compared to trying to do this before? Finally you can manage social media with Hootsuite from one place, easily.

And let’s not forget the Hootsuite Hootlet. When you install the Hootsuite Hootlet extension to your browser it create an icon that does some magic. 🙂

When visiting any page click the Hootsuite Hootlet icon in your browser to instantly share that page to any of your social media profiles. All the Hootsuite features are right there including scheduling, URL shortening etc. Now you can instantly share content your friends and followers can enjoy.

Hootsuite has many other power features that I haven’t even begun to use. If there’s one tool I can recommend without reservation it’s Hootsuite, give it a go today. And it’s absolutely free to use for up to 5 x social media profiles. If you need more the Pro version includes up to 50 x social media profiles. For corporate or power users there are plans to suite you too.

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