How the River Club Benefits from Red Hippo's Rock Solid Web Hosting

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This past weekend we were overjoyed to welcome The River Club into the Red Hippo family. The Riverclub is a landmark Cape Town conference centre and golfing hub.

Along with the launch of their brand new website The Riverclub needed a new hosting partner. Red Hippo already hosts a number of other business in the groups portfolio. Add to this our superb service and legendary support, moving The River Club to Red Hippo made sense.

About The River Club

The River Club is golf club, conference and events destination in Cape Town. The River Club caters to families to business and networks. This superb destination caters to work and a lot of play. 🙂

Activities and Facilities Include:

Here’s what the new River Club website’s about page puts it:

The River Club has fast become a magnet for families and friends, networks and businesses. It’s also a favourite with event and conference organisers who love its fold-out functionality and seamless style. Of course, it’s also all about golf. Come and learn the game, practice your putting and perfect your swing, then share in all the fun going on around it.

How The River Club Will Benefit

The River Club’s new website is hosted on our cloud web hosting platform. The River Club will enjoy unlimited bandwidth, this comes standard with all our hosting. Other standard features include unlimited web space, unlimited email accounts and advanced security and management features.

Rock Solid Web Hosting Hardware

The website is hosted on powerful Dell web server with RAID disk arrays. In the unlikely event that anything in the hardware should fail, there are mulitiple hard drives which compensate seamlessly and transparently. You won’t even know there was a problem.

The complete server specs include:

  • Dell R7xx Series Server
  • Dual Quad Core Intel® Xeon® processors
  • 32 GB RAM
  • Dual SAS Drive (for the operating system)
  • RAID Mirroring (for the operating system)
  • Dual Power Supplies
  • Quad Gigabit Network Adapters

Rock Solid Web Hosting Software

Everything runs in a load-balanced environment, should any one server be under load, others compensate to keep the site performing at it’s peak. Our bespoke maXpanel control panel is the easiest to use web hosting control panel available. It’s got every feature you could need, including advanced DNS management built right in.

Other hosting control panel features include:

  • Create email accounts
  • Login to webmail
  • 1-click install apps like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal + 70+ more.
  • Hundreds of other features to manage every aspect of your hosting account.

Should the River Club in future want to start selling online, their account is already Ecommerce ready. And when it comes to security, there are a myriad of features baked in to keep their website safe and secure.

The River Club benefits from quality web hosting, shouldn’t your business benefit too?

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