Make Quick Posts with the WordPress Press This Button

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The WordPress Press This button has to be the fastest way to create a blog post. And automatically populate post content.

It can be tedious adding links from other websites and pages to your WordPress website. Anyone who creates content for their website has been through this, I know, I do, all the time.

Here is a way to instantly create a blog post in WordPress right from the web page you’re browsing. And your blog post will be automatically populated with the content from the page you’re viewing. All this is done instantly without being in your WordPress admin area, all thanks to the WordPress Press This button. That sounds like magic doesn’t it? 🙂

The WordPress Press This Button

A simple but awesome tool that’s built right into WordPress. If you aren’t using the WordPress Press This button yet, you’re missing out.

Here’s the WordPress description of the Press This button:

Press This is a little tool that lets you grab bits of the web and create new posts with ease.

Use Press This to clip text, images and videos from any web page. Then edit and add more straight from Press This before you save or publish it in a post on your site.

To use the WordPress Press This button we must first install it in our browser.

Let’s Install the WordPress Press This Button

1. In your WordPress dashboard go to Tools > Available Tools.

Install WordPress Press This Button - Step 1

You’ll be taken to the “Tools” page, here’s where the action starts.

Install WordPress Press This Button - Step 2

2. Drag the “Press This” button onto your browsers bookmarks toolbar.

Install WordPress Press This Button - Step 3

Note: if you don’t see your bookmarks toolbar in your browser you can turn it on. In most browsers right clicking on the menu-bar or address-bar should reveal the option to enable the bookmarks toolbar.

iInstall WordPress Press This Button - Step 4You’ll see the “Press This” link in your browser bookmarks toolbar. And that’s it, you’ve installed the WordPress Press This button.

iInstall WordPress Press This Button - Step 5

 Using the WordPress Press This Button

Now let’s start using this awesome little tool.

Browse to any page on the internet. If you find anything on that page you want to share on your blog click the “Press This” button you just added to your bookmarks toolbar.

A new window will open and the contents of the page will be populated. In this case I was on YouTube and the video is inserted directly into the page that opened.

Notice that the page that opened is your “Add New” Post page inside your WordPress blog. But you haven’t opened your blog.

Using the WordPress Press This Button

From here you can:

  • Choose the content you want to include in your new post.
  • Assign the post to a category and add tags.
  • Add additional content including images, text etc.
  • You can choose to publish it immediately right from this page, or save it as a draft to continue.

How cool is that?!

This little WordPress Press This button can change the way you add content to your website. Now anything you find interesting while browsing the web can be instantly turned into a new blog post. So much easier than browsing to your blog, opening it and creating a new blog post, then inserting the content you’ve found. I love the Press This button.

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